How to Look Better On Paper Than You Do In The Mirror

OK so you’re gorgeous and it’s going to be hard to do, but let’s face it, the first impression that most employers get of you is your resume. You can knock em dead at the interview, but first you have to get there.

Whether you’re a straight A student or could have focused more on the books than on your social life, bolstering your image on paper can only help you out in the job search scene. Here’s a way to add depth and spice to your resume that will not only make you look good, you’ll feel good too, and while it may prove addictive, it’s 100% legal.

Employers are looking for someone who has proven themselves worthy in the academic world and also someone who has shown that they can commit and follow through on tasks.This calls for experience. The catch-22 has always been how to get the on the job experience necessary for getting the job. Volunteer work can provide you with hands-on experience, useful skills, and some great resume eye catchers.

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to get volunteer experience is in your own backyard. Contact local churches, nursing homes, senior centers, and food kitchens. Offer to help. Do a good job and when you’re getting ready to leave for regions far and wide, ask your supervisor to write you a letter of reference. But don’t just stop at serving soup. Plan an event, sponsor a fund drive, interview people and write an article of interest to the community. Get the local rag to publish it and there you are- a published writer!

Planning on spending spring break getting sunburned at Daytona Beach? Save your money and volunteer abroad. Volunteer placements are available across the globe. Don’t let that language requirement go to waste! Volunteering abroad gives you the opportunity to hone up on your language skills. Fluency in a second language is an asset to many employers. Magazines like ‘Transitions Abroad’ focus on helping independent travelers get around the world, working, playing and learning. There are organizations which can make the arrangements for you to be placed at a site on your own. Feeling a bit unsure as to whether you want to go it alone? There are other organizations which offer individuals the opportunity to become part of a group working on a designated project.

Whichever way you go, volunteering makes a difference, so next time you look in that mirror you can feel good about what you see (even if the hair could use some work).