Volunteering & Internships For Students

Students under the age of 18 looking to be involved in volunteer and community service projects have a range of options available to them. Many consist of small groups, led by experienced leaders and combine hands-on work projects with cultural and recreational activities. Participants should be mature and motivated.

Questions parents should ask tour organizers:

How long has the company been running tours?

How long have they been running the particular tour your child is interested in? New programs should not be avoided, but it's more likely that there will be unexpected challenges or changes to the itinerary.

Who leads the tours? How much experience do they have?

What is the student:leader ratio (7:1 is a common industry standard)?

What procedures are in place in case there is an accident or illness?

What are the rules that students are required to follow?

What are the consequences for your child should they break the rules?

Can they provide references?

Find out what expenses there are in addition to program fees.


Windsor Mountain Camp (formerly 'Interlocken') has been organizing unique travel experiences for students since the 1960's. They offer community service programs in addition to other travel programs for students.

Putney Student Travel is another of the long-lived student travel programs in operation.

Global Works international service work programs.

Global Routes offering programs for both high school & college students.

The Peterson Guide lists schools & programs.

For students taking time off before college there are a variety of 'gap year' programs available. Educational consultants can also assist in the organizations of activities for students.

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