Childcare Volunteering Program in Peru

This volunteer program takes you to teach children in the ‘pueblos jovenes’ (or ‘young towns’), located in the stunning southwestern region around Arequipa, Peru. Volunteers joining this program will be working with children from kindergarten through initial primary school levels and will be typically working with children from the ages of 4 and upwards. Volunteers placed with younger children will be helping them master all the classroom basics from holding a pencil and drawing lines to their first letters and numbers. Staying with a local family in the colonial town of Arequipa, you can explore this beautiful area, partaking in weekend adventure activities such as an excursion to the Colca Canyon, mountain biking and horseback riding.

students in a class group photo

Volunteer on Construction Projects in Peru

This volunteer program is based around Colca Canyon near the town of Chivay, in the south of the Peruvian Andes. In this area the indigenous culture is still very strong. Here you will embark on building energy-efficient stoves within the homes of families in the community of Canocota. These benefit them by not only removing smoke from inside the house, but also by reducing the levels of wood consumption, and therefore the amount of local deforestation. During your time you will undertake 20 hours of one-on-one Spanish classes and head out on a three day trek in Colca Canyon. If you plan to explore Perú after your program, trips to Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail can be organized from Arequipa and are a must see.