Childcare Volunteering Program in Guatemala

This volunteer program in Guatemala offers you the chance to make an exceptional difference to the lives of Guatemalan children born into extreme poverty, as you learn Spanish, live with a local family, and truly experience Guatemalan culture living in the beautiful old Spanish colonial town of Antigua, Central America. Volunteers joining this program will be working with children from kindergarten through initial primary school levels and will be typically working with children from the ages of 4 and upwards. Volunteers placed with younger children will be helping them master all the classroom basics from holding a pencil and drawing drawing lines to their first letters and numbers. For those volunteers with more advanced Spanish, you may be teaching with slightly older children in maths, language and sciences. Classes are structured and interactive with lots of different activities for them to master.

guatemalan children smiling

Volunteer on a Community Construction Project in Guatemala

Volunteering with GVI on this short-term community project will help you to improve the standard of living for indigenous communities situated near Antigua, Guatemala. Volunteer to build energy-efficient stoves to help families below the poverty line improve their living conditions. Indoor air pollution is responsible for more deaths each year than either Malaria or AIDS, and a cleaner, more energy-efficient stove can add literally decades onto the life-expectancy of a house’s occupants. In just a week, you can help to vastly improve one family’s situation, with both your physical and your financial contribution. You can also learn Spanish while you are there as well, with 10 hours of one-on-one Spanish lessons included, and go on a half-day adventure biking, rock-climbing or hiking.

Sustainable Development & Eco-Projects

Volunteer Petèn is a 501c3 non-for-profit organization established in San Andrès, Petèn (with a US office in Mohnton, Pennsylvania) whose mission is to aid development in Guatemala by training international volunteers to participate in, design, and implement sustainable projects. Our main projects focus on environmental education, general education, reforestation, forest management, medicinal plants, and working with the public library and public schools, but we are open and able to aid volunteers to develop any project that suits their abilities and goals.