Wildlife Conservation Expedition in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Joining this expedition will take you to one of the beautiful areas of the Amazonian rainforest to research endangered species and volunteer on vital local community projects. Living in the lush Amazonian Rainforest of Ecuador, South America, volunteers will work alongside international researchers and local students and teachers, and receive on-site training to carry out a variety of projects involving scientific investigation and education. Projects include helping with wildlife conservation initiatives (identifying and cataloguing local mammal, reptile, bird, amphibian and plant species) and teaching English to the local community. As part of a community project GVI and its partner have also established an innovative education center for students from local communities on the Napo River. There are a number of side trips volunteers can enjoy, which are designed to aid and enhance your experiences on this once-in-a-lifetime Amazon expedition.

seal in the galapagos island

Childcare Volunteering Program in Ecuador

The volunteers taking part in this project will be working with children 4 and upwards to teach basic literacy and education. The classes are informal, focusing on fun and interaction aimed at helping them learn a range of different activities. Having never attended school, these children will require help to master essential classroom basics like holding pencils, their initial numbers, drawing lines and their ABCs. Although often challenging, working with young children is a rewarding experience and every day is full of laughter and fun. This project is run in a school with older children and volunteers may occasionally be needed to assist in classes with students of an older age group. Living with a local family in the beautiful market town of Otavalo, volunteering on this project gives you the opportunity to learn Spanish and immerse yourself in Andean indigenous culture.

The Jatun Sacha Foundation (JSF) offers Ecuador volunteer programs with opportunities to develop a wide variety of activities including data field research, environmental education, community service, plant conservation, agroforestry, and reserve maintenance along with the smaller objectives that include the promotion of biodiversity conservation, research, education, and other community programs.

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